How Important Are Weekend MBA Ratings?

Often, potential students will look at various schoolsí rankings to get an idea of their reputation, class size, and overall number of graduates. While many schools in the United States have excellent weekend MBA programs, the following are ranked as the best weekend MBA programs in the country.

Weekend MBA Rankings

Taking two years off work for many people while they earn their weekend MBA or an Executive MBA is not an option. In order to kill two birds with one stone, the weekend MBA program is a popular choice. Although thereís a difficult schedule of studying and class time, it pays off in whatever career path they choose. Here are some of the top-rated weekend MBA schools in the United States.

Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management

The Kellogg School of Management in Evanston, Illinois, is one of the biggest schools in the country, and itís also one of the best. It has ranked as the number one school for several years in a row, and it sets the bar for high-quality professors, engaging curriculum, and student satisfaction. Its main campus is in North Chicago, but it also offers joint programs in Canada, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Duke University

Duke Universityís Fuqua School of Business in Durham, North Carolina, has a popular and highly reputable weekend MBA program, as well as superior weekend MBA rankings. With nearly 1400 graduate students and only 600 weekend MBA students, Duke is a great place to get individualized attention in the classroom and maximize your education. There are more than 1300 programs offered, and the weekend exclusive program gives students the ability to have a flexible schedule while earning an excellent education at the same time.

Emory University

The weekend MBA rankings for Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, put it at as one of the best 25 MBA schools in the country. There are 710 graduate students and only 130 weekend MBA students, so the school has an intimate classroom setting for its pupils. Students can earn their EMBAs is just 16 short months while still working during the week. The class size on average consists of 36 people, making Emory Universityís School of Business small and intimate for maximum learning and attention.

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University of Michigan

As another top United States weekend MBA school, the University of Michiganís Ross School of Business offers a nationally ranked program. Its EMBA focuses on a one weekend per month schedule, allowing students to travel less and continue to work while also going to school. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, students can enjoy an interactive once a month class with professors that lead an exciting and challenging academic environment. There are also interactive, distance-learning classes as well as traditional courses in the classroom.

Although itís important to know how a school ranks before committing to one, school rankings arenít everything. Choosing a school just based on ranking alone may result in a school that isnít the best fit for you which is why weekend MBA rankings should be just one criterion to consider along with class size, helpful professors, and cost of living.

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