The Many Benefits of Top Weekend MBA Programs

Many people enjoy the benefits of a weekend MBA program. Not only does it allow them to get an education while also working full time, but it also offers them an opportunity to be challenged academically in new ways.

The Benefits of a Weekend MBA Program

There are many benefits to enrolling in a weekend MBA program. Although those who take a weekend program earn the same degree as those who enroll in a traditional program, it allows for flexibility as well as being more rigorous than a weekday schedule. Although it can be challenging to work and go to school fulltime, the concentrated schedule of a weekend MBA program can work well with many peopleís lives. In addition, being devoted and committed to earning an MBA is important for any student to possess.

What to Know Before Enrolling

The curriculum is demanding, and studying takes up the majority of a studentís free time. However, in 20 monthsí time, students can earn their MBA degrees and begin to increase their salaries by up to 50 percent! Tuition can cost from $50,000 to $80,000, depending on the school, so itís important to consider fees before committing to applying. Students can apply online as well as by mail to the schoolís office. Itís important to include letters of recommendation as well.

Northwestern University

The Northwestern Universityís Kelloggís School of Management is one of the best schools in the county to earn an MBA. Since 1976, it has helped thousands of students earn top salaries and become leaders with advanced skills in communication, international management, and finance. Students can expect to take courses for 22 months, and although the time spent there is intense, students can become leading managers, program directors, and administrators by applying the skills learned during their education.

University of Pennsylvania

The Wharton School in Philadelphia offers a great MBA program thatís worth every penny. Students can choose from many elective courses as well as required classes. Small graduate class size, attentive professors, and a lower cost of living make the Wharton School a valuable place to earn an MBA. The accelerated programs offer a highly reputable and flexible program so students can achieve their academic goals in a short period of time, and the school offers one of the best EMBA programs in the country.

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University of Chicago

The University of Chicagoís MBA program lasts approximately two and a half to three years and consists of Saturday classes. Many people come to the University of Chicagoís program for its excellent professors and reputation. Its MBA program includes 30 courses with two courses per quarter, and with all-day classes on the weekends, students can engage thoroughly with their professors and peers, while applying management skills on the job during the week. Chicago is a popular destination for MBA students who come from near and far to learn from one of the best in the country.

Invest in one of the top MBA programs in the country and watch your skills, experience in the workplace, and salary increase in no time at all. While a top MBA program will take time and commitment, it will pay you back in a long, rewarding and highly profitable career.

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