Earning an Executive MBA

There are many highly reputable executive MBA programs available to students who want to increase their productivity in their careers. All over the United States, students can learn valuable international management skills, leadership skills, and technology education to make them a valuable asset to the business world.

The Difference Between an MBA and an Executive MBA

An MBA, otherwise known as a Master of Business Administration, focuses on a number of business-related topics including finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, and management studies. An executive MBA degree, also known as an EMBA, is for students who come from a managerial background. Although the time commitment is the same between an MBA and EMBA, the focus of study is not. EMBA students can expect to study coursework geared for working professionals as opposed to students without any prior working experience.

Getting the Facts Straight

Getting an EMBA is not cheap, but for those who qualify, there are student loans and scholarships available. Depending on the school and EMBA program, a degree in Executive MBA can cost more than $50,000 and will take on average two years to complete. There are accelerated programs that a student can finish in as short as a yearís time, but if the student is working as well, the accelerated plan isnít recommended. Applying to an EMBA program requires completing an application, putting together letters of recommendation, a good academic record, and passing the GMAT.

Choosing the Right EMBA School

Choosing the best executive MBA program is one of the most important decisions a student in business can make. Although many studentsí backgrounds will include experience in management, thereís much more to learn to leverage their positions in their chosen careers. When choosing a school to best suit their criteria, itís wise to consider the time involved and what type of program is best. Will an accelerated program prove most beneficial, or would a weekend program work best?

Focus of an EMBA Program

Since the focus of an Executive MBA program is for management-level students, the curriculum varies from the MBA program. Some topics an Executive MBA student can anticipate learning are international management, technology management, and executive level management targeted toward both small and large groups of people. Students have the opportunity to lead classroom discussions as well as professor-led instruction, and classes are available to executive MBA students in both the classroom and online environment.

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Career Benefits of an Executive MBA

Earning an executive MBA allows people to reach new career heights than ever before. Although the initial cost of an EMBA is steep, an EMBAís average salary will pay him back exponentially and continue to increase every year heís employed. Since the majority of Executive MBA students are already at the management level, they can expect to move up the corporate ladder quickly, and having an EMBA will help them to compete at a high level with management, leadership, and business skills that will increase both their profit and job security.

Starting an executive MBA program involves time, dedication, and the commitment to an often rigorous studying schedule. By investing in the future, you can achieve higher education, increase job security, and improve satisfaction.

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